When Leonardo da Vinci released his famous Mona Lisa portrait, little did he know that people from all over the world would meet to discuss its meaning and characteristics centuries after his death?  In 2014, at least 7.2 out of the 9 million visitors who went to the Louvre in 2014 came with the sole intention of viewing the Mona Lisa. The majority of these art enthusiasts were international college students and art-groups based in America and Europe.

The evolution of art has helped it unite people towards a common goal. For example, a picture of a dove symbolizes peace and unity. When people view this image, they understand the importance of maintaining a peaceful environment.

Clear Indicators That Prove Art Has Promoted Cultural Diversity

Presence Of Chinese Graffiti In Western Entertainment

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to spot Chinese graffiti in American movies, TV shows, and music videos. This trend began over two decades ago and still enjoys massive popularity. The fact that people can embrace a foreign language and aspects of its culture proves that art is a universal influencer.

Away from the canvas, the Chinese alphabet is a popular choice for individuals about to get their first tattoo. Famous celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber and Megan Fox don their Chinese-letter alphabet tattoos with pride.

Popularity Of Japanese Manga In Mainstream Television

Every serious comic book fan reads Japanese comics, popularly known as manga. This comic book culture has existed for decades and features bold warriors on the quest of fighting oppressors in their communities. Like other popular animated characters, these personalities have also made their way onto TV screens via cartoon channels. Unlike American and European comic strips, manga features a unique style of drawing where characters have long spiky hair and large, shining eyes.

Both manga comic books and cartoons enjoy massive popularity in all continents.  This is attributable to the fact that no one is too old to enjoy an episode or comic book. Fans admit that watching and reading manga also helps them to gain a basic grasp of the Japanese language.

LGBT Community & Digital Fantasy Series

There is many projects that show how to express LGBT community. Recently launched video site of Family Dick is one example. It’s fantasy website that aims to show the homosexual aspect of growing in the taboo family. As crazy as it sounds it could be considered digital fantasy series.

Popularity Of Chinese Drawings In Buildings

Famous Chinese restaurants usually have stained windows containing ancient Chinese characters and dragons. Nowadays, these famous and mystical drawings appear in major airports, shopping malls, and international recreational areas throughout the world. Whenever a Chinese tourist comes across a familiar drawing in their overseas holiday destination, they feel a pleasant sense of appreciation from their host.

Dominance Of Comic-Con Events

A Comic-con is an event where comic book writers and fans meet to interact and promote their love for this literature and art form. Comic-cons used to be a regional event in America and Europe. However, the global popularity of American comics brought by DC Comics and Marvel led to the inception of international comic expos.

The fact that people book flights to far off destinations just to be in the company of fellow comic book fans means that the love of art enables people to overcome racial barriers.


Brilliant art captures the attention of every living human being, irrespective of their origin and social status. Artists should harness this immense power to unite neighbors, communities, and even nations.