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Alternative Therapies – How Can Healing Start Through Art?

“Art is the activity by which a person, having experienced an emotion, intentionally transmits it to others”

– Leo Tolstoy

According to the dictionary (Merriam-Webster), “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects” is what art is all about. It is an expression of human creativity and that’s where its beauty lies. With a unique diversity attached to it, art cannot be contained in a category. If I had to define it, I would say;

Art is creativity, a channel to express yourself.

It can be entertaining and can be visually appealing.

Art is a process of filling the blank canvas.

Or using words to create a masterpiece.

It is an activity that exhibits beauty.

Art is the way of life, so intense yet so wondrous.

Today, ­­when we talk about healing techniques, art is also a form of therapy that works wonderfully. Art healing or art therapy is a term used when art is applied to ensure emotional and physical healing. However, art therapy is between a doctor and a patient whereas art healing an individual process.

We all have art in our souls, if not found easily, know that it is hidden somewhere deep inside you. All you need to do is pull it out and bring it to surface. Art therapy is a fairly new healing process, where only in the last 60 years or so did the health professionals start acknowledging it. It is only then they realized the power of art and music on physical, mental, and emotional well-being of an individual.

Art therapy is based on the idea that creativity can lead to healing and enhance the quality of life. It is basically a form of communication, where it promotes growth, self-expression, emotion atonement, resolution of any conflict, and transformation of the mind.  

ASMR Fantasy – Sound Healing

ASMR Fantasy

Have you heard about ASMR sound therapy? it’s very popular thing on Twitch these days and it’s about time adult-oriented companies prepared their version of entertainment dedicated to this technological thing. Watch both visual and sound entertainment dedicated to adults – this is ASMR Fantasy.

Health Issues That Art Therapy Can Heal

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

– Thomas Merton         

Art therapy is not age restricted. According to a research, this form of therapy can also enhance communication and concentration in an individual and reduce the feeling of loneliness or isolation. It is also known to enhance self-esteem, awareness in oneself, and confidence. It also tackles;

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Substance Dependency
  • Stress
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
  • Aging and Geriatric Issues
  • Family or Relationship Problems
  • Cancer
  • Cognitive Impairments
  • Eating Disorders
  •  Compassion Fatigue
  • Heart Disease
Art therapy is not age restricted

Since art therapy doesn’t use speech but a form of creativity, it is believed that individuals who are out of touch with their feelings or emotions can truly benefit. Also, for individuals with a painful past, who find it extremely traumatic even thinking about it can really benefit from this therapy. According to a recent research, art therapy is also found useful for patients diagnosed with schizophrenia. However, intense trails are being conducted to know the extent to benefits.

What Are Some Of The Techniques Used In Art Therapy?

“Art must be life — it must belong to everybody.”

-Marina Abramović

When you visit an art therapist, he or she will know the power that creativity holds. They make use of psychological, spiritual, and various artistic theories mashed with the clinical techniques to achieve the desired outcome. This wondrous form of therapy has proved beneficial for individuals who use non-verbal form of communication and even for professional artists.

Some of the common techniques used in art therapy include; painting, doodling, scribbling, sculpting, drawing, clay art, pottery, making cards, using textiles, making collages, and so much more.

Art helps detangle our emotions and enhance positivity

According to a study conducted in the year 2004, 32 women were involved, who were studying from heart disease. They were all interviewed first and then later asked to illustrate their condition. All the drawing was then put into three categories; heart in the center, heart in a living body, and heart disease as a social condition. The use of colors, the spacing, the composition, and the entire art was then analyzed. This helped healthcare professionals to see what the women were seeing when it comes to their condition. And, this helped them approach the illness in a better manner.

Art helps provide refuge from the inner turmoil we go through every now and then. It helps detangle our emotions and enhance positivity.

Arts Breathes A Deeper Meaning To Life

Rationality shapes the intellect of a human but there’s more to a personality than just being logical. Art whispers spiritual and philosophical aspects that colour life deeper. It not only helps in carving ideas but connects us to our emotions leading towards self-actualization. Our life has more meaning as even small aspects are touched by Art on daily basis.

Moved And Moving Art

Art branches into two graceful parts, music and dance. These are the languages of expression that come from the core of any being. Subconsciously, we are always hearing music whether it is tapping of the keys or whirring of the wind. Similarly, our bodies are constantly in motion. Both positively affect moods and increase motivation, determination while reducing stress.

The Classical Art

Monet, Picasso, Vinci are some names on the tip of the tongue when paintings or art is mentioned. Museums have artefacts from over centuries where every nomad became an artist with wall art, tools, vessels and more. It’s an experience of developing, standing in front of a painting and observing its strokes and effects while trying to decipher the latent meaning behind what the canvas holds. All these together make the classic art that is studied thoroughly, imitated or used as inspiration even today.

Art Decorates Personal Space

From the very construction of a house to the miniature statue of Laughing Buddha picked from the sweltering sands of Bali, there are innumerable things that make Art at home. It’s not just a pleasure for the eyes but the technicality put into things that make an ordinary space home. It could be something as simple as a quilt or the usual tea set used for evening snacks. Everything is a form of art.

Art On Screens And Paper

Words or films infuse happiness in the mind. They both tell stories that stick around. Whether it’s a set, costume, make-up of a movie or the way the book cover looks, character dresses etc, all focus on creating Art for the soul. Many artists have even switched pens and brushes to digital imitations where graphic designing is gaining momentum. From scribbles on the wall, we have come a long way to intricacies on the screen. Through general mediums like comics, artists are still earning their bread and butter. 

Adult Time Art – Bubblegum Dungeon

Bubblegum Dungeon – Adult Art of 2019

Today’s art can have 1000’s of faces. But what when it comes to adult art. Is it recognized in mainstream by now? Adult Time network is taking an interesting approach in achieving that. They take BDSM genre and lure it out of deep dark places like dungeons. Mainstream version of BDSM will be full of colors, funny make-ups and positivity all around it. Sounds impossible? Well, there is already first episode of the series and it looks like it is going to be achieved!

Advertising Art

From billboards to graffiti, from walls to advertisements, art plays a role in swaying thoughts and choices. If it is a tourism industry, then carefully shot natural and manmade art is what would attract more attention. Even general places like hospitals or corporate offices make their spaces surrounded with art to boost recovery or productivity.

Our brain has been trained to overlook minimalistic things that can be Art especially in the fast-paced humdrum of today’s life. However, without the aesthetic touch, humanity wouldn’t be what it is. Cultures, traditions, history and even humans themselves understand so much more through Art. So, take a moment from running around, breathe and let Art make magic in you!

The World Can Be United Through Art

Art is a away of expressing yourself. See why digital series like are the thing to show to the world!

How Arts Can Help Make Better Doctors

Healing Art Program

Healing Art Program

A story is told by Lisa Brandt, who knew that she was ailing at the point when she could barely move from her couch to the bed. She was aged 48 years by then and she was feeling a voracious thirst coupled with a chilled bone. A doctor examined her in 2011, when influenza was at an all-time high. After the examination, she was just told to go home and take a rest. Even at the point of having blood in her urine, the medical attendants scolded her and told her to stop taking the case of a flu too far. This case later turned out that Brandt was suffering from sepsis, a life-threatening complex infection that spreads stealthily after doctor’s work on the teeth. A doctor in a walk-in clinic based in London refused to attend to her. She however received some antibiotics at the nick of time hence saving her from a possible death.

Sometimes, patients tend to think that doctors can make out what they are suffering from even without much diagnosis. We imagine that doctors can guess our ailments and treat us just like the case of the brilliant diagnostician on the renowned TV series called House. However, in reality, doctors can only cover a given ground after an appointment period of around 15 minutes.

There is an increasing reliance of tools that save time such as blood tests, checklists for symptoms, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to properly diagnose patients.

Art for Patient

Art for Patient

Even as we experience an age where medicine is embracing technology like it has never had, it is evident that doctors are not being trained at patient’s beds. Instead of this, most of the doctors are now being trained on how to use the super intelligent computer whose success rate is thought to be almost 93%. This is incomparable with the 51% percent success rate for human doctors.

Be that as it may, some doctors are opposed to the move and they insist that medicine should not be seen as just another science, it should be viewed as an art too. These medical professionals argue that education in arts and humanities forms the best remedy to the misguided diagnosis that has been experienced in various doctor’s quarters. The misdiagnosis has led to a stained patient-doctor relationship.

“Every doctor should undergo some training in art since they will have better clinical skills, according to Dr. Caroline Wellbery, a co-author of a research paper on the role of arts in medicine”

[Source: Arts and medicine]

Wellbery indicated that if medical students are taken through the role of shadows and light in painting work, they can gain better awareness on various ways of seeing. Wellbery has unmatched knowledge on the relationship between arts and medicine and she has been contacted by many students to train them. The skills that students gain while observing in arts can be of much help when the students come to a clinic. For example, if a patient complains of digestive problems, the doctor may know the root cause in a better manner if he/she is able to observe various facial expressions that show chronic anxiety and stress.

Art can Alleviate Stress in Patient

The benefits of arts observation are immeasurable. It has been proved that medical students who have been taken through an arts appreciation course for 8 weeks have a better and detailed ability to observe clinical slides that show patients who have diverse disorders. Such medical students cannot be compared to their colleagues who only focus on medical classes.

Moreover, exposure to the language used in arts makes medicine students to have sharp critical communication and thinking skills. A medical student who has gone through a communication course can easily decipher what a patient is suffering from through engaging him/her in leading stories. This is not another touchy-feely idea. A fervent study of the placebo effect indicates that focused care from a medical practitioner prompts faster healing, hence making the patient’s condition improve even without further medical care. Art-based courses should be introduced and made core units in medical schools.

If you visit Yale School of Medicine, you will find that first year students are supposed to attend an arts-observation workshop in a museum that has British paintings of 18th and 19th century.

How Arts Brings Life to Other Subjects Through Integration

Wassily Kandinsky Art

Arts education has been known to be an integral part of a comprehensive education. However, when it comes to prioritizing in the budget, it has been noted that arts do not come at the top. Most of the public schools had to reduce their musical arts, performing, and visual programs due to recession.

This was in spite of the fact that Harvard joined in the institutions that have included arts in their medical curriculum. More schools are increasingly taking up the research as well as taking in arts as an integral part of the academic achievement in their curricula. Achievement in academic also includes self-confidence and creativity and this helps a school to have more pride and reputation.

But, wait. What is the real look of arts integration? A Russian arts work was examined by a certain fourth-grade lesson proved that arts is a critical part of the education system. Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian artist, helped the students to make their own works of arts through the use of various angles and styles. The students managed to identify the angles that they used and proceeded to identify them in their works of art.

Bobby Riley said that reasoning and higher analytical reasoning a well students voice augured so well with the works of art. Teachers are looking into ways of making sure that arts and other subjects are integrated so as to give the students more voice and confidence in their quest to express themselves through art.

It seems that the integration of arts into the education system is the surest form of differentiation since it taps into an array of various interests, forms, and abilities in learning.

IAA Ukulele Class

Before the IAA school was pronounced to be a school that integrated arts and other subjects, only a handful number of students were able to pass proficiency tests in mathematics. After the integration of arts into the curriculum of the school, this small number rose tremendously. Even though the level of poverty in the school is still high, the concentration of poverty has decreased admirably.

It has students who yearn to know how to speak English since majority of them are non-English speakers. When the students are having arts integrated lessons, it is rare to have any referrals since most of the students are committed to their class work.

Even though IAA is still a preferred public school, it has students from very far off places. This is because of the arts model that the school introduced. The model makes it easy for students to learn and understand some concepts with ease. Most of the kids in the first grade were from the neighboring families but this has since changed. More and more wealthy families have joined in the bandwagon and they have been sending their children to go and study in the school. Even with the fact that most of the students walk to the school, the school still has a special place in the community. Arts makes the students to appreciate each others culture and to learn to live with each other.Arts is an integral part of education, not an extracurricular activity It suffices to say that arts is not a by-the-way subject in many schools now.

Artistic goals for learning have continually been held up as being equal to the standards of academics. Students and teachers are working tirelessly hard to make sure that the lessons being taught are integrated with art so that understanding becomes easy.

If you pick an area of study such as mathematics, social studies, or science, and integrate a form of art, you are literally connecting the two and it is only sufficient if you are able to integrate them so as to make them reliant on each other. Academic learning and training in arts is happening in most schools hence making the work of teachers a bit easier as opposed to earlier times. When a student engages his/her hands in learning and uses the brain to understand what he/she has been taught, understanding a concept becomes easy.

Teachers use various visual forms of art, theater, and dance. If a teacher was teaching in the former curriculum and he/she is integrated into the integrated system, the teacher has to be trained afresh.

Effect of Arts and Culture In Human Life

Uffe Elbaek

Uffe Elbaek, a former minister in the Danish government, said that the human race needs new ideas, new processes of doing things as well as a whole new approach that will help humanity to take each other with understanding and empathy. This is an indication that the rest of the world should now focus on culture and arts as a critical source of societal challenges. This is indeed what the value of life entails.

In 2012, there was the creation of the Future Generation Art Prize which was aimed at helping younger artists to be more proactive in global transition through development of cultural societies.

The creator of the foundation that launched the prize, Victor Pinchuk, said that he believes that artists can be trusted with the future more than analysts and politicians. This should be the position of arts in the world over. Some artists met with another group of humanitarians whose work is promote peace and social justice. They were discussing how arts relate with culture. More meetings were held in East London so as to lay more emphasis on the relationship between arts, culture, and education. It is important to point out that artists need to share knowledge and experiences with various organizations and educational institutions so that the place of arts in the society may not be compromised.

Art is certainly for humanity sake. It has come to the realization of many people that the planet earth may not be able to support many of us. There is untold rise in inequality and decrease in wellbeing. This has led to an increase in poverty, mass migration, conflicts, and a host of other societal problems. There is absolute need for people to act fast so as to erase many problems that are compounding each day. Everyone can flourish under arts and the field of arts is simply limitless. The only limit is a person’s imagination power.

No one is born with prejudice, hatred, greed, and bigotry. Each of these is a behavior that one learns along the path of life. It is therefore necessary to find new ways of dealing with such vices and creating an environment that fosters better understanding and propagation of human rights.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Arts and culture is one of the most dynamic methods and norms that can make human behavior change. It is able to increase empathy, trigger reflection, increase dialogue and help generate new ideas and relationships that can enhance expression of ideas and positive values. Arts helps humanity build new possibilities and rehearse a different way of living and connecting. Arts can help humanity come up with significant things and can also motivate people to relate with each other in a positive manner.

However, in order to have this potential realized, there should be a better understanding of the impact of arts in human values and character. Human values are the controlling principles that increase the motivation of human nature and attitude. The values shape the way human beings view and comprehend the world and the mentality that guide human thinking.

Art Therapy Through Coffee Painting?

It has been a while since we read about some ideas in coffee painting. Life is more than coffee painting, yes, but let us explore what coffee painting does to the human mind and what therapy it brings. The human life is one complicated one. If there is no consistent therapy to treat the boredom, it is easy that one might fall into the dreaded stress or even into depression. This is the essence of the existence of arts.



Coffee painting is known across the world to be a perfect medium for therapeutic arts. It is an easy and simple way that uses natural pigmentation to create wonderful works of art that are endearing to the soul.

You do not have to spend any minute in boredom. You too, can also create your own work of art through the coffee painting. There are a few steps however that you should pay attention to lest you make something that does appease your spirit.

Step 1: Prepare your materials

Coffee Painting Techniques

Coffee Painting Techniques

You will need several materials and it is critical to have them ready before you begin to do anything.


You will require papers of good quality. A good example of such is the watercolor paper. If you lack such papers, get something whose base is very thick. A sketchpad paper is a perfect example that you can use. This is because you can take it anywhere and it is easy to use.

However, due to its several demerits, it is still recommended that you use the watercolor paper. There are some shops that supply good quality paper that will give you proper service.

Paint brushes

Get a paint brush that is easy and comfortable to use. The arts therapy session is supposed to be a relaxed one and enjoyable. Therefore, you should make sure that your paint brush does not give you stress. Acquire an easy one to use. If possible, get the fine tip paint brushes since they are light to hold and they can help you to create any details that you would need. Better still, get the round tip brush to help in making details and another flat tip brush to cover various areas or to aid in making washes.

Water and coffee

Get the pure black instant coffee. This is not the same as the 3-in-1. Mix the coffee with a little amount of water to have a dark shade of your coffee. Add more water if you are looking to have a light shade. Make use of a scratch paper to ensure that you have the correct shades that you need for your arts therapy session.

Optional items

Add more fun and thrill to your session with some candles or some cool music. The candles and/or music give you a full treat of fun as you paint. You could also do the therapeutic painting in a coffee shop since there is a perfect ambience and plenty of your favorite coffee.

Step 2: Do what you want

Coffee Painting Art

Coffee Painting Art

This is the perfect time for you to create what you want and hence express your feelings. Do not do it wrong, take your time and invest in a perfect work of art that will trigger your emotions and give the therapy that you so much look for. This time, it is only you, your coffee mix, and the paintbrushes. Make it count. Relax and have fun. You are not doing it for anyone. It is all for you. Do it with love and love what you are doing. If you do not have an idea of what to create, start with the image that comes to your mind. Use what your subconscious mind wants to express as opposed to trying to appease someone else. Let your hands free and let them work spontaneously. This is the perfect way to letting the subconscious mind to express what it wants to. You will realize that you are gifted when you let your mind free and your hands do the walking.

You can create anything you want. You will see therapy in your work once you are able to enjoy. The patterns that you draw could be something that you saw in the past, something that is bothering you at present or something that you anticipate will happen after this time. This is one of the easiest ways to tell whether you have dreams and aspirations within you that need to be nurtured. Moreover, arts therapy makes it easy for you to express longings, experiences, emotions, and other issues of life on paper.

Ways to Find Volunteer Opportunities In The Bay Area

Free time is not easily found or created. People are always busy and their schedules sometimes do not allow them to rest not even a second. However, when you get some free time and you are in the bay area, then you have an array of activities that you can do as opposed to giving it back.



Volunteer opportunities are numerous in the Bay Area, regardless of the level of your interest in volunteering. Once you volunteer, you have a very good feeling from within since you have been involved in a just cause. Moreover, it is in volunteering that you get time to build on your career rather than if there is a field where you feel pushed to work in and you have inadequate experience.

Once you volunteer, you get more experience and hence get ahead of your peers in the same field. Moreover, you could volunteer in a non-governmental organization which you desire to work in the future.

Volunteer Bay Area


Your volunteering is the first step towards getting your head in the team of staffs that work in your dream organization. In the current world, new graduates do not have a resume that is full of experience. In order to fill the gap in your resume, spare some time and volunteer so that your resume may have some more meat.

If you are already employed and you wonder what you need to do in your free time, make sure that you volunteer in some just cause. This will help you to build a strong team of friends as well as coworkers.

Volunteer in areas such as:

The Volunteer Center

This center serves San Mateo and San Francisco counties. The two counties have great organizations within. In spite of the fact that it serves the two counties only, there are thousands of opportunities where you can volunteer. The organizations in the two counties connect businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals in various ways that they can benefit from. There are also training services and consulting services for any organization that needs such help. The Volunteer Center is certainly a place that you can begin your volunteering.

Hands on Bay Area

Hands on Bay Area

Hands on bay Area

This is a Bay Area specific volunteer gap that helps to connect parks, non-profit organizations, and schools that need volunteers. There are also many organizations that offer chances for volunteers to work on. If you have a business that aims to excel in its work, access the many organizations that are based here.


It helps to connect volunteers to various opportunities such as internships and jobs. There are various organizations that are based here which work hard to improve the livelihood of the people who live in the Bay Area. Idealist has a where’s spot that is beneficial if you need to filter your search to a greater detail.

The Bay Area has more volunteer opportunities where you can excel in. Do not just sit back with a skill. Bring it out and let it be of beneficial in the growth and development of the organizations, businesses and schools based here.