Elementary Art Class


In our classes, students learn how the fundamentals of art, such as metaphor, color, line, and shape, are used to safely explore emotional issues such as culture, identity, family, community, strength and stress.

Elementary and Middle School

Our elementary and middle school students engage in a variety of art and communication activities, learning how to examine color, shape, and line representation and determine how these design elements are used as metaphors for feelings and emotions in different works of art. Students learn the art of positive self-expression by creating their own self-portraits in an environment where they are encouraged to explore issues such as self-image and identity.

High School

Our high school students build on these basic concepts and further explore them through personal writing and painting of various themes such as anger/pain, future, strength, violence/death, body image, relationships, and self-worth/self-acceptance.

With our focus being the art making process, we try to encourage students to use a natural, intuitive approach with an emphasis on spontaneous play and emotional exploration.

As a result, Brush Fire provides trained compassionate artists as facilitators for all of our classes. Facilitators spend half of the class time talking with students one-on-one about their paintings; they use active listening and ask non-judgmental questions to help each student explore the day’s theme.


Brush Fire Painting Workshops offers classes in school and after school settings. Our trained workshop facilitators come to you.

Fees and Class Length

Participating groups contribute the cost of workshop materials and a sliding scale fee is based on the number of teaching hours chosen.

We also tailor our classes to fit your specific class and scheduling needs. Classes last between 8 to 30 weeks, for 1 (or more) hours a week.