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How Arts Brings Life to Other Subjects Through Integration

Wassily Kandinsky Art

Arts education has been known to be an integral part of a comprehensive education. However, when it comes to prioritizing in the budget, it has been noted that arts do not come at the top. Most of the public schools had to reduce their musical arts, performing, and visual programs due to recession.

This was in spite of the fact that Harvard joined in the institutions that have included arts in their medical curriculum. More schools are increasingly taking up the research as well as taking in arts as an integral part of the academic achievement in their curricula. Achievement in academic also includes self-confidence and creativity and this helps a school to have more pride and reputation.

But, wait. What is the real look of arts integration? A Russian arts work was examined by a certain fourth-grade lesson proved that arts is a critical part of the education system. Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian artist, helped the students to make their own works of arts through the use of various angles and styles. The students managed to identify the angles that they used and proceeded to identify them in their works of art.

Bobby Riley said that reasoning and higher analytical reasoning a well students voice augured so well with the works of art. Teachers are looking into ways of making sure that arts and other subjects are integrated so as to give the students more voice and confidence in their quest to express themselves through art.

It seems that the integration of arts into the education system is the surest form of differentiation since it taps into an array of various interests, forms, and abilities in learning.

IAA Ukulele Class

Before the IAA school was pronounced to be a school that integrated arts and other subjects, only a handful number of students were able to pass proficiency tests in mathematics. After the integration of arts into the curriculum of the school, this small number rose tremendously. Even though the level of poverty in the school is still high, the concentration of poverty has decreased admirably.

It has students who yearn to know how to speak English since majority of them are non-English speakers. When the students are having arts integrated lessons, it is rare to have any referrals since most of the students are committed to their class work.

Even though IAA is still a preferred public school, it has students from very far off places. This is because of the arts model that the school introduced. The model makes it easy for students to learn and understand some concepts with ease. Most of the kids in the first grade were from the neighboring families but this has since changed. More and more wealthy families have joined in the bandwagon and they have been sending their children to go and study in the school. Even with the fact that most of the students walk to the school, the school still has a special place in the community. Arts makes the students to appreciate each others culture and to learn to live with each other.Arts is an integral part of education, not an extracurricular activity It suffices to say that arts is not a by-the-way subject in many schools now.

Artistic goals for learning have continually been held up as being equal to the standards of academics. Students and teachers are working tirelessly hard to make sure that the lessons being taught are integrated with art so that understanding becomes easy.

If you pick an area of study such as mathematics, social studies, or science, and integrate a form of art, you are literally connecting the two and it is only sufficient if you are able to integrate them so as to make them reliant on each other. Academic learning and training in arts is happening in most schools hence making the work of teachers a bit easier as opposed to earlier times. When a student engages his/her hands in learning and uses the brain to understand what he/she has been taught, understanding a concept becomes easy.

Teachers use various visual forms of art, theater, and dance. If a teacher was teaching in the former curriculum and he/she is integrated into the integrated system, the teacher has to be trained afresh.