About Me

San Francisco is my home area and I have fallen in love with it over and over again. I love the area since the residents are always philanthropic and they are always looking for ways to help. Having schooled here for the past one decade, I have found pleasure in serving and helping to change the lives of the less fortunate. I have connected with a number of volunteering organizations that have made me have a hands on experience in the projects that affect the residents and the community at large. Moreover, in combination with various residents and peers, I have touched the community in meaningful ways here in San Francisco and the neighboring areas.

Volunteering is my passion since I can say that I have reached the cream of my career. With the vast experience that I have gained from working in various capacities, I feel that I have a lot to give back to the community. My leisure time is not just spent having fun; I always look for a gap in the community and try to feel it in the best way possible.

For instance, I have been a volunteer with the organization called All for Good. It is an organization that has helped me to find meaningful ways to engage with the community. I do not only volunteer for the sake of others, it is also for my own good. Volunteering and charity are almost intertwined and they have given my life a better meaning and unforgettable moments for many years to come. Here are some reasons why I am in love with volunteering:

I work for a purpose

Whenever I choose to fill a gap in my community in San Francisco, I always get a sense of purpose that cannot be matched with anything else. There is a certain excitement that comes from within whenever I offer my time in volunteering. I am left with a good feeling for several days later. Once I volunteer, I find that I have less stress. This is one of the reasons why many people in my line of profession prefer to volunteer in their free time.

I get to learn new skills

I have always thought of going back to school to learn various skills. However, in the midst of my busy schedule this has not come to be. Be that as it may be, I have found solace in volunteering since I have learnt the very skills I wanted. I have learnt this through interacting with people who have unmatched skills such as project management and Microsoft Excel among others.

I have always found myself focusing on volunteering in areas where these skills are needed so that I may gain more insight on the same. I have certainly developed my professional network and skill power.

I have new experiences

I have a routine which I follow every day. However, every time I get some time to rest, I tend to lean towards volunteering. It is in volunteering that I get to meet new people and professionals whose interaction gives me a better outlook at life. Moreover, I also get to visit new places in San Francisco Bay that I could not have visited if I had not volunteered. I challenge myself with new tasks and this gives me a better connection with my community. I have a totally new perspective about life.

Volunteering gives me time to meet greet new people

The best resource in volunteering is the people involved. I always respect the volunteers since they choose to leave their comfort only to come and team up with fellow philanthropists so as to put a smile in someone’s face. This gives me joy and meeting such people is my main source of inspiration.

The friends that I have made in volunteering have gone out of the realm of volunteering. I have friends who I hold dear to my heart most of whom I met in my volunteering exposures.

Volunteering gives me a chance to make a difference

The best part of volunteering is the difference that I make in the lives of people. Volunteering work makes the community change directly hence giving me more joy. There is no greater satisfaction that I can get even in my day to day work. Volunteering is simply more rewarding when I see the way the community changes.