Rationality shapes the intellect of a human but there’s more to a personality than just being logical. Art whispers spiritual and philosophical aspects that colour life deeper. It not only helps in carving ideas but connects us to our emotions leading towards self-actualization. Our life has more meaning as even small aspects are touched by Art on daily basis.

Moved And Moving Art

Art branches into two graceful parts, music and dance. These are the languages of expression that come from the core of any being. Subconsciously, we are always hearing music whether it is tapping of the keys or whirring of the wind. Similarly, our bodies are constantly in motion. Both positively affect moods and increase motivation, determination while reducing stress.

The Classical Art

Monet, Picasso, Vinci are some names on the tip of the tongue when paintings or art is mentioned. Museums have artefacts from over centuries where every nomad became an artist with wall art, tools, vessels and more. It’s an experience of developing, standing in front of a painting and observing its strokes and effects while trying to decipher the latent meaning behind what the canvas holds. All these together make the classic art that is studied thoroughly, imitated or used as inspiration even today.

Art Decorates Personal Space

From the very construction of a house to the miniature statue of Laughing Buddha picked from the sweltering sands of Bali, there are innumerable things that make Art at home. It’s not just a pleasure for the eyes but the technicality put into things that make an ordinary space home. It could be something as simple as a quilt or the usual tea set used for evening snacks. Everything is a form of art.

Art On Screens And Paper

Words or films infuse happiness in the mind. They both tell stories that stick around. Whether it’s a set, costume, make-up of a movie or the way the book cover looks, character dresses etc, all focus on creating Art for the soul. Many artists have even switched pens and brushes to digital imitations where graphic designing is gaining momentum. From scribbles on the wall, we have come a long way to intricacies on the screen. Through general mediums like comics, artists are still earning their bread and butter. 

Adult Time Art – Bubblegum Dungeon

Bubblegum Dungeon – Adult Art of 2019

Today’s art can have 1000’s of faces. But what when it comes to adult art. Is it recognized in mainstream by now? Adult Time network is taking an interesting approach in achieving that. They take BDSM genre and lure it out of deep dark places like dungeons. Mainstream version of BDSM will be full of colors, funny make-ups and positivity all around it. Sounds impossible? Well, there is already first episode of the series and it looks like it is going to be achieved!

Advertising Art

From billboards to graffiti, from walls to advertisements, art plays a role in swaying thoughts and choices. If it is a tourism industry, then carefully shot natural and manmade art is what would attract more attention. Even general places like hospitals or corporate offices make their spaces surrounded with art to boost recovery or productivity.

Our brain has been trained to overlook minimalistic things that can be Art especially in the fast-paced humdrum of today’s life. However, without the aesthetic touch, humanity wouldn’t be what it is. Cultures, traditions, history and even humans themselves understand so much more through Art. So, take a moment from running around, breathe and let Art make magic in you!

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