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Volunteering is my passion since I can say that I have reached the cream of my career. With the vast experience that I have gained from working in various capacities, I feel that I have a lot to give back to the community. My leisure time is not just spent having fun; I always look for a gap in the community and try to feel it in the best way possible. I do not only volunteer for the sake of others, it is also for my own good. Volunteering and charity are almost intertwined and they have given my life a better meaning and unforgettable moments.


In our classes, students learn how the fundamentals of art, such as metaphor, color, line, and shape, are used to safely explore emotional issues such as culture, identity, family, community, strength and stress. Our elementary and middle school students engage in a variety of art and communication activities, learning how to examine color, shape, and line representation and determine how these design elements are used as metaphors for feelings and emotions in different works of art.

My Favorite Quote

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

— Audrey Hepburn

Mission Statement

Brush Fire Painting uses the power of the arts to heal hearts and transform lives. We teach Process Oriented Painting to unleash the therapeutic qualities of the creative process. We believe creativity is a basic human need; we strive to bring art to the lives of marginalized youth throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  The creative process helped these youth gain a sense of purpose and self-worth.

Our Philosophy

Creative energy used for art making evolves into creating options and opportunities. Art is a powerful tool for personal development. Art is an integral part of healing from the “isms” in our society. Art making and creative expression build confidence, self-esteem, and critical thinking skills in people of all backgrounds. Art encourages people to develop emotional literacy, problem solving skills, and appreciation for diversity


We envision a world bursting with art, where everyone has access to full creative self-expression. We will bring this powerful personal development process to communities in need. Process Oriented painting is firmly based on the The Painting Experience and The Point Zero Methods of painting that prioritize art creation as a tool for personal growth, authentic expression, and expanded sense of possibility.

Shoplyfter SeriesShoplyfter plays an important role in resocialization of young people who acted badly in the past. This fantasy series features punishment scenarios of females that actually tried to steal from various retail shops. Each episode showcases the backroom interrogation and methods used to make them make things right.

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Volunteer Opportunities In The Bay Area

Volunteer opportunities are numerous in the Bay Area, regardless of the level of your interest in volunteering. Once you volunteer, you have a very good feeling from within since you have been involved in a just cause. Moreover, it is in volunteering that you get time to build on your career rather than if there is a field where you feel pushed to work in and you have inadequate experience. Your volunteering is the first step towards getting your head in the team of staffs that work in your dream organization. In the current world, new graduates do not have a resume that is full of experience. In order to fill the gap in your resume, spare some time and volunteer so that your resume may have some more meat.

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